Retina Research & Development Foundation (RRDF)

Mission Statement:
Since its establishment in 1969, the Retina Research & Development Foundation (RRDF) has dedicated itself to providing voluntary support for the training of retina specialists for research and development in the field of retina surgery.

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our goals

The Foundation strives to accomplish its goals in the following ways:

Fellowship Program:  The Retina Research & Development Foundation assists in the training of fellows who have finished their formal ophthalmology residency and seek additional instruction in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases. 

Research:  RRDF funds research to develop the safest and most effective means of treating various ocular conditions. 

Active Studies:  The Foundation sponsors educational courses to better inform the ophthalmic community of the latest research on the management of diseases of the retina and vitreous.

general information

The Retina Research & Development Foundation was established in 1969 to provide a nonprofit base of support for research in the field of retinal disease and surgery.

For nearly 50 years, this fund has been a tremendous resource for medical advancements in a highly-specialized area of medicine. RRDF has contributed to the development of new surgical instrumentation, thereby ushering in a whole new era of advanced surgery.

The funding has helped provide research on a “bloodless” knife for cutting ocular tissue and has aided in developing equipment used to operate on diabetic eyes.

The fund has also supported research directed toward reducing complications of ocular surgery, evaluating new therapies for eye diseases, in addition to introducing new diagnostic technology into the retina practice.

Additionally, the Retina Research & Development Foundation has been an avid supporter of the publication of scientific materials, thereby contributing new
information to the medical community. Education of physicians is also an ongoing priority for the foundation as well. RRDF has contributed to the training of over 100 retinal specialists who now practice vitreoretinal surgery throughout the U.S. and beyond.

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contact us

For More Information about RRDF


Nancy Bolozky
RRDF Coordinator
314/367-1181 ext. 2157

Medical Advisory Board:

Kevin J. Blinder, MD
Sabin Dang, MD Alia K. Durrani, MD
Nicholas E. Engelbrecht, MD
M. Gilbert Grand, MD
Daniel P. Joseph, MD, PhD
Thomas K. Krummenacher, MD
Richard J. Rothman, MD
Gaurav K. Shah, MD
Bradley T. Smith, MD


Dean B. Burgess, MD
Daniel P. Joseph, MD, PhD Matthew A. Thomas, MD