A recent study has demonstrated that there may be some potential benefit of using high doses of vitamins and dietary supplements for patients with certain forms of age-related macular degeneration.  There is no evidence that such treatment will prevent the development of macular degeneration and there is no known benefit for patients who have the advanced disease in both eyes. Based on your exam, your retinal specialist may suggest that you consider taking such nutrient supplements.

Currently, some pharmaceutical companies make them available in a single pill form.  One such product is Focus Select.  Other products containing this combination of supplements are available as well.

Because there may be potential side effects to the use of these supplements in such high doses, we suggest that you consult your internist or primary care physician prior to taking them. Please follow your physician's advice to whether or not such dosages are safe for you.

Rather than taking supplements, some people prefer to change their diets to include fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients believed to be beneficial to good eye health. 

To learn more about Focus Select vitamins, click the link below.